Cinco Soccer Rules

FIFA Laws of the game shall apply except as amended here:

No OFFSIDES and definitely no VAR


All games shall be played w a futsal #4 ball.

Team Size

Teams to be 4 field players and a keeper.  Keeper wearing a different color jersey.  Teams must field a minimum of 3 (three) players for a game to be considered valid. Teams that are short, but want to play that use unrostered players will receive a forfeit (0=3)

Yellow & Red Cards

In the event a player receives a yellow card the player must be benched for two minutes or until the opposing team scores a powerplay goal. The team down a man may not return to full strength if they score s shorthanded goal.  In the event a Red Card is issued the player must leave the field area and his team plays down a man for two minutes regardless (hard two).  Red card suspensions and fines are at the discretion of the league manager and/or referee.  A Red card issued for violent conduct is automatically a minimum one game suspension.


All subs can be on the fly and must be in the vicinity of the bench area.

Game Duration

Regular season games are 22 (twenty two) minute halves with one minute halftime.  If a team is late the Referee reserves the right to start the game clock.  If a team is late 15 (fifteen) minutes and or does not have enough players to start, the offending team will forfeit the game.


Keeper may not pick the ball up on a passback.  Keeper distribution from hands must be on the same half (bounce ball).  Restart for an over the line infraction is at midfield.

Goal kicks

Taken by the goalie with hands to keep a fast paced game.  The opposing team must remain outside the box and allow the Goalie to distribute the ball.   In the event of Kick-ins on sidelines the opposing team must provide spacing of six feet between players.

Free kick

All players are required to give 5 (five) ft distance.


Kickins are direct.


All teams must have always at least 1 woman on the field.  Forfeit rules apply when picking up a guest player.  Goals scored by female players count as two points.  Deflections - own goals are marked by the intention of offensive players that made the shot.


No metal cleats.  Turf Footwear recommended.