Cinco does require a reservation ahead of time to play or to join a Sphere training session, so please book in advance to secure your spot.

First time at Cinco? No problem.

Cinco fields are 5v5 (4 players plus a keeper) and played with a fustal ball. All fields are turf. We recommend wearing turf shoes, but regular cleats work fine as well. No metal studs are allowed.

We offer pickup games (you can come by yourself and we will organize teams). You can also come with friends.

Let’s get you familiar with some Cinco terms:


1.5 hour session , playing the entire time. No subs, no teams waiting off to the side.

King of the Cancha

One of our favorite programs at Cinco. Winner stays format, wins and losses are tallied, and at the end of the session a winning team is declared


1hr fitness class, mixing HIIT training exercises with playing soccer. You will certainly get a good sweat from joining one of our Sphere classes.

Cinco Sunday

Starts at 9:30 sharp!!!! If you are even one minute late, you risk not being able to play. We only have so many slots to play fubolito. Old school style pickup (Futbol rapido) where individual captains are chosen, and the captains pick the teams. Think gym clsss in elementary school. Led by the Gaffa