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Anyone can have a good game. But can you have a good season? See what your team is capable of by joining a league with division for all levels.

Tuesday – Men’s Premier A League

Men’s Premier B League

Wednesday -Coed 5v5 League

Thursday – Over 30 League

Friday – Men’s Over 40

Saturday – Super Sabado

Cinco Soccer League Rules:

1. Game Time

Each game is 40 minutes long – played in two halves of 20 minutes fixed time.

2. Team

12 players in a team but 5 on the field. Rolling substitutes can be made at any time through the sub-zone.

3. General Play

· A kick-in replaces a throw-in and you have 5 seconds to kick it back into play

· You take corners like 11-a-side but again you have 5 seconds to take it

· You start play in the center like 11-a-side so the ball must go forward

· The ball can go above head height. The ball is a regulation size 4 ball with reduced bounce

· You play to touch lines – no rebound walls

· You can go into the goalkeeper area and they can come out of it to play

· The same goalkeeper pass back rule like 11-a-side applies

· The Goalkeeper throws the ball back into play – a kick is not allowed

· Slide tackles are not allowed

4. Sanctions

· Free kicks are indirect – the ball must be touched by another player before it can go into the goal, that is the kicker and a second person

· Penalty kicks are taken from marked penalty spot – one step to shoot

· Drop balls are allowed for some re-starts like 11-a-side

· Red and yellow cards plus possible suspension

5. Respect

· We operate a strict Zero Tolerance on poor behavior

· You will need to wear proper equipment to play

Speak to our league director about joining a league, and we can help you find the right level for your team.

Stephen Richardson