CincoSoccer 5-A-Side Rules

On The Field

No-slide tackles, no throw-ins (kick-ins) and no-offside. Otherwise All FIFA rules shall apply.
An official 5-s-side ball shall be provided by Cinco Soccer for each game. In the event that both games balls are kicked over the nets an alternative can be used until such ball are retrieved.
Each half shall consist of 22 minute halves with 1 minute halftime to change sides. There are no time outs and the referee has sole discretion to add injury time.
League standings shall be based on 3 points given for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 for a loss. In the event of a tie for the playoff seedings, head-to-head shall be the first tie-breaker, then goal differential, with goals scored being te third tie-breaker. Playoffs if tied at end of regulation is one 5 minute golden goal period, if still tied breakaways.
Pass backs to the keeper are not allowed. Restart ball goes to midfield for opponent. Unless it is done in a manner that’s stops a goal scoring chance then the result is a PK

Number of Players

The match shall be played by two (2) teams. One (1) player of each team shall be the goalkeeper, who must wear distinguishing colors with four field players wearing a similar color jersey. ( Pinneys are acceptable )
The Rules of a Competition may allow for “rolling” substitutes to be used. The number of “rolling” substitutions is unlimited except in the case of the goalkeeper( which must occur on a dead ball situation
A player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player. A “rolling” substitution is one which is made when the ball is still in play and is subject to the following conditions:
The player leaving the playing area shall do so from the sideline crossing over at the substitution area.
The player entering the playing area shall do so from the substitution area but not until the player leaving the playing area has passed completely over the sideline.
Any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the referee is informed before the change is made, and provided also that the change is made during a stoppage in the game.
A match should not be considered valid if the playing strength of either team is reduced by more than two players.
Any foul considered to have taken away a goal scoring opportunity will result in a PK
Yellow cards team will play a man short for 2 minutes or until scored on.
Red card team will play a man down for the entire 2 minutes and the player receiving the card shall not be allowed to participate for remaining of the game

Players’ Equipment

No metal studs allowed. Molded cleats or turf shoes are acceptable.
The wearing of shin guards, which must be covered by stockings, in accordance with the Laws of the Game is compulsory. Any player who fails to wear shin guards do so at their own risk. Cinco Soccer accepts no responsibility for any injury to players due to missing or incorrect equipment.


Goal kicks shall be allowed to be put into play by the keeper with his hands.
All keeper distributions must be throw in defensive half of field.
No throw-ins allowed, kick-ins only.
A distance of 6 feet must be observed on all free kicks.
Unsportsmanlike behavior – All suspensions and/or penalties shall be decided by the referee and/or league commissioner. Violent conduct will result in the player being suspended for that league session. There are no appeals
Tie games in Tournaments- Shoot out rules – only players on the field can participate, keeper changes are permitted but only to those on the field ( girl goals count as two) Three players will start at midfield and have 5 seconds . The ball must cross the line before the timekeeper blows the whistle…line judge to determine if its a goal or not . If tied after all field players have gone then the same process will be repeated with the existing field players. An infraction by the keeper ( slide tackle or hand ball ) outside the box will result in a PK

One girl must be on the field at all times ( if no girl is present then the team must play down a man). Girl goals count as two(it is the intent of the shooter, girl must be the one who took the shot not a deflection for the goal to count as 2)…If a girl makes a own goal this will only count as one.  All other rules for Cinco 5-a-side apply