June 3rd ages 6-16 league for a 6 week schedule . Age groups will be decided by age groups based on signups.  Games are 2 x 20 min halves w one field dedicated to circuit training for skill which kids can complete before or after their game . Summer trainging w games every Saturday  . For more information, please call (813) 325-9959 or visit the website at www.cincosoccer.com/youth-programs/summer-league.html.

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MichoPuff wins Red Bulls Neymar Jrs Five 


Michocan and Puff combined forces to beat Chimpun Callao from Orlando to win a spot in Miami June 10 . 

Midnite Madness May28th 9:30PM til 3AM

$10 per player 2 game minimum . Black Midnite Madness Tees and Trophy to winners 

Effective Immediately - yellow card player must sit out two minutes and the team must play down a player until other team scores a goal or the two minutes elapes A. The goalkeeper underhand rule is no longer ........the ball still has to be played in your own half. Over hand is allowed be must be in your half . B. Pass back to the keeper is still allowed but you must cross midfield before you are allowed to repeat the passback . C. Taking away a goal scoring opportunity will result in a penalty kick regardless if the infraction was commited in the box.

Monday Pickup 6-7:30 7:30 to 9 and 9 to 10:30

Tuesday Premier League full field rental avaiable at 10:15PM text 813-629-1618 to reserve 

Wednesday - Coed 5aside full 4v4 room for one team Pickup at 10PM 

Thursday - New Over 30 April 6 New Mens Open League at 8:40 and 9:30 $50 deposit required for playoff . $7 a band 

Friday - Kids pickup at 5:30 Adults at 7PM and 9PM 

Saturday 9AM pickup SuperSabado Liga Latina 6:30 to 10pm games times April 1 

Sunday - Cinco Sundays 9:30am $6 Old School Pickup ........Sunday King of the Cancha reserve online