New Leagues at Cinco Soccer


Monday Pickup 6-7:30 7:30 to 9 and 9 to 10:30

Tuesday Premier League full field rental avaiable at 10:15PM text 813-629-1618 to reserve 

Wednesday - Coed 5aside full 4v4 room for one team Pickup at 10PM 

Thursday - New Over 30 April 6 New Mens Open League at 8:40 and 9:30 $50 deposit required for playoff . $7 a band 

Friday - Kids pickup at 5:30 Adults at 7PM and 9PM 

Saturday 9AM pickup SuperSabado Liga Latina 6:30 to 10pm games times April 1 

Sunday - Cinco Sundays 9:30am $6 Old School Pickup ........Sunday King of the Cancha reserve online